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The Highest-Grossing Films of The Decade

Sadly, even though most of us love the seventh art for its history and all of the things that it can make us feel, the film indust

Famous Movie Theaters You Definitely Need to Visit

Going to the movies is a major part of some people lives. They use it to escape reality, to relax and chill after work, to spend q

Why is Spider-man so Popular and Why They Keep Making His Movies?

Superheroes are an unlimited source of fun and entertainment for many children, young people, and adults. But it is during our chi

How to Get into Filmmaking?

Scorsese, Hitchcock, Spielberg, Tarantino… They all have something in common: they are part of the greatest film directors o

Film and Technology: A Love/Hate Relationship

It’s a known fact that since the first film was presented in Philadelphia back in 1872, or the Lumiere brothers presented their

Music as an Integral Part of the Film Industry

Music is very important in the film industry and often we as the audience focus on the actors and action scenes and tend not to re

How Visual Effects Have Improved Over the Years

Visual effects have been important in movies since about the 1960s and can be used to create an environment or depict an action th

How to Pursue a Career in the Film Industry

There are several different career options available in the film industry aside from being an actor. It is important to realize th

Top Child Actors of All Time

There have been many child actors over the years, some of whom have been more successful than others in terms of popularity and ea

Historical Background of the Movie Industry

While the movie industry cannot be said to have started at a particular point in history, the roots of this niche in the entertain