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Film and Technology: A Love/Hate Relationship

It’s a known fact that since the first film was presented in Philadelphia back in 1872, or the Lumiere brothers presented their first film (La Sortie des Usines Lumiere) in 1895, cinema and technology have gone on a path where both things walk holding hands. Both have suffered throughout the twentieth century such an advance that the way we see the world has completely changed.

Also, is true that the guidelines of interpretation within the cinema world have been evolving at the same time that society did outside the movie theaters, but also the advancement of technology has helped to shape the cinema as we know it. Since Luke Skywalker faced Vader, the emperor and the dark side, ending the Empire, the advance of the so-called special effects has been on the rise, going through the Jurassic Park Animatronics to Avatar 3D where the actors seemed to be on a different perspective from the background.

The introduction of the Internet on mobile phones and tablet PCs as well as on smart televisions have changed the way we watch movies. There’s no need of moving into large rooms to enjoy a good movie, popular platforms such as Netflix or HBO make it more and more accessible to watch a movie or a TV show almost anywhere, anytime.

Although not only the experience outside the big or small screen has been affected; the whole creation process has also undergone a great change. More and more movies are being made with the use of the latest technologies. Visual effects that a few years ago were only property of great blockbusters, with the passage of time they are getting closer to almost any film regardless of their plot or the interpretation of the main characters, maybe those who say that cinema is dead, are slightly correct.

Technology as a Movie Genre

Movie goers of all ages have already seen that technology and the film industry currently enjoy a fairly stable relationship outside the big screen, but it seems they don’t get along so well inside the big screen. Since 1984 when Skynet took humanity to the brink of extinction, there have been a few times that the movies have warned us of the danger of over-technology usage and that technology can be a double-edged sword.

The Newest Challenge: Cybersecurity

Finally, one of the parts that perhaps Hollywood fears the most about technology is cybersecurity. Back in 2014, Sony Pictures suffered a cyber-attack that caused great havoc within the company, losing personal data of the workers and the script of the latest 007 film, as well as an estimated loss of 200 million dollars.

Another of the most notorious cases was the cyber-attack to HBO where they had access to unpublished episodes of the series from HBO’s Game of Thrones, and some episode scripts not released yet. As a security measure, the HBO actors won’t get the scripts but will shoot a scene and then the management tells them what will happen next, this way ensuring their cybersecurity and possible spoilers from the cast.