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Greatest Female Actresses from Silent Films

If you are a true lover of films then you no doubt have watch a few silent films over the years, they are an integral part of the history of film. Before technology was advanced enough to combine both audio and visual there was simply the visual. At the time silent films were state of the art and a much-anticipated event. People would flock to the theatres to see the latest release. But what exactly are silent films?

Silent films are films that have no recorded sounds or spoken dialogs. In silent films, the actors and actresses only act or perform in a nonverbal way, and it will still be of great lesson and entertainment to the audience.  It allowed the actors to truly shine, having to convey emotion, from sadness to humour, without ever speaking a word. This is where some of the greatest actors and actresses got their start. Let us talk about some of the greatest actresses that have acted in silent films.

Lilian Gish

Lilian Diana Gish, an American female actress of stages and screen, was also a director and a writer. She was born at Springfield, Ohio, United States on the 14th of October 1893. Her film acting career spanned 75 years, (1912–1987). Her career was bounded up with DW Griffith, under whose direction she worked from 1912–1921 in silent films like “birth of a nation, intolerance, way down east”. She brought an ethereal openness to her work, which was a combination of vulnerability and resilience, seen clearly at its finest in “the scarlet letter”, (1926) and “the wind” (1928). She died on 27th February 1993 at New York City, United States. One of her quotes is “a happy life is one spent in learning, earning and yearning”.

Louise Brooks

Mary Louise Brooks was an American actress and dancer who was noted as an iconic symbol of flapper and for popularizing the bobbed haircut. She was born on the 14th of November 1906 at Cherryvale, a small town in Kansas. Brooks came into Hollywood via broadways chorus lines and she was casted in flapper comedies before she appeared in “beggars of life”, a silent film produced by William Wellman in 1928. Her dark bobbed hair, the perfect completion and her expressive face made her a much-imitated icon. She died at Rochester, New York, United States on the 8th of August 1985. One of her quotes is, “In my dreams, I am not cripple, in my dreams, I dance.”

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo was a Swedish born American film actress who reigned in the silent film era during the 1920s and 1930s. Her first silent film was Michael Hazanavicius’ film “The Artist”. A Hollywood movie of the 1920s. She acted almost 10 silent movies in five years of which “flesh and the devil”, a film produced in 1926 was her greatest. Born on September 18, 1905 at Stockholm, Sweden, she died on the I5th of April 1990 in New York City, United States. Her full name was Greta Lovisa Gustaffson.