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How to Pursue a Career in the Film Industry

There are several different career options available in the film industry aside from being an actor. It is important to realize that the film industry often has positions that will require you to work at odd hours. In other words, it is rare that you will have a standard 9 to 5 working day because of the nature of how movies are made. The film industry is a very competitive and will require a lot of effort and passion on your part to be successful in finding a good job in it. However, there are some strategies you can use to help you in your pursuit of entering the film industry.

Start Young


It is a good idea to start when you in high school. For instance, many famous cinematographers actually started making short films while they were still in school. Then you will almost definitely need to obtain a degree in film or cinema as this will give you the knowledge and experience that is a strong requirement to get a job in this field. If there is a film club accessible to you, it would be smart to join either while you are in high school or, of course, in college.


Internships are important. There may be opportunities to complete a summer internship in California or New York, which will give you valuable experience. It also gives you an opportunity to network and meet people in your field who may even offer you another internship or even a job in the future. You can learn as much as you can by interacting with the pros and other students and use this to hone your craft further.

Keep A Portfolio

You should keep a portfolio of all your work, starting with your first one, and you should continue to add to your portfolio over the years. It would be a good idea to join any relevant film associations if you can and be as involved as you are able and meet and network with as many people in the industry as possible. Keep in mind that the film industry is a highly competitive field and you may not instantly get your dream job. Your first job may not even be exactly what you want, but if it is in the industry, it is worth persevering and gaining experience and expanding your portfolio.

Get the Right Education

An associates or bachelor’s degree may be required, depending on what area you are interested in. Some fields, such as film editing, may need you to have a more technical background than, say, screenwriting. You need to consider if you do have the expertise to pursue your chosen career. For instance, screenwriting requires a certain set of skills, so even if you are interested, in case you are a poor writer, then you will not be successful. An internship would be a good time to assess if you have what it takes. You need a combination of passion, skill and perseverance to pursue a career in the film industry.