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The Best Movie Soundtracks Ever

There are a handful of tunes that have the power to take you all the way back to the time when you were watching a movie, as they feature iconic soundtracks that make them even more epic for their fans. Truth be told, a great production always knows how to make the most of the music and make people feel like a part of the experience. That’s why today, we’re going to let you know about the best movie soundtracks ever.

John Williams- Star Wars Saga

John Williams’ epic themes for the Star Wars saga are not only recognized all over the world just a couple of notes in, but they also represented a major comeback for classical themes played with an orchestra that featured hundreds of musicians. In order to write these beautiful masterpieces, the legendary musician was actually inspired by several spaced-themed classic films, like Gustav Holst’s Planets, featuring a lot of string and horn instruments to create that epic sound.

Howard Shore – The Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy

Great chorus, enormous drums and a lot of metals come together with soft wind and string instruments to create one of the most amazing masterpieces in the history of movies, setting the stage for the exciting history of The Lord of the Rings.

Howard Shore - The Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy
Howard Shore – The Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy

This soundtrack features a lot of diverse sounds that develop a huge universe with mythical magicians and creatures, using a bunch of different techniques and violin melodies to create tension in the audience as they walk through the adventures of Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring.

John Williams – Indiana Jones

Once again, John Williams makes our list thanks to his incredible job with the adventures of Indiana Jones, where he uses a lot of drums and resonating melodic structures to create an exciting environment for this series. Also, he uses several repetitive, yet simple and catchy riffs to help people feel like a part of the story while Harrison Ford takes the stage and fights for his life as he finds incredible treasures all over the world.

Hans Zimmer – Interestellar

Hans Zimmer’s great soundtrack was pretty much tailor-made for Interstellar’s story, as it can convey a soft, yet disturbing feeling that enters the ears of the audience and creates a perfect environment as they go through space.

Hans Zimmer - Interestellar
Hans Zimmer – Interestellar

Also, the organ and strings help the audience float around this long and epic space saga directed by Christopher Nolan, creating a sort of musical background that helps people focus entirely on this intricate and complicated story.

Alan Silvestri – Back to the Future

There’s a mysterious nature that involves the Back to the Future trilogy, thanks to Alan Silvestri’s incredible work with harps and drums for the most entertaining scenes, as well as deep horns to create an intense, yet fast-paced rhythm. Just like many others from this list, riffs play a major part in getting the audience’s attention, therefore, the main team mostly features strings, and is one of the main reasons why this ‘80s classic was such a major success.