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The Greatest Movie Studios

Imagine a world without movies, can you even do it? It would be so much more boring and less entertaining. Where would we be without our favourite source of entertainment? The production companies know this and that is why they make the movies possible by rendering the resources and manpower required to make it all possible. It is a thing of joy to think back over the past years and appreciate the greatest movies which have been produced by some very influential studios all around the world in this article we will be considering some of the greatest movies studio and production companies of all time.

Time Warner [owner of Warner Bros Pictures]

Time Warner is a large American multi international media cooperation which is owned by Warner Bros Entertainment. Warner has been in existence of about 100 years now and has made some of the best movies which helped in the ways are created. Warner Bros Entertainment major studio subsidiary is named Warner Bros Pictures which is a producer of film, television, and music entertainment. Warner Bros Entertainment has created some great movies and also great which has made Warner Bros Entertainment unstoppable.

Sony [owner of Sony Pictures Entertainment]

Sony picture entertainment is Sony’s movie production television production and distribution which operate in America. Sony Pictures Entertainment major studio subsidiary is Columbia Pictures which Sony acquired in 1989 from the Coca-Cola company for $3.4 billion. Sony is assumed to be one of the biggest studio today. It also owns other companies which include

  • *TriStar Pictures
  • *Sony Pictures Animation
  • *Destination Films
  • *Triumph Film
  • *Stage 6 Film
  • *Affirm Films

The Walt Disney Company [owner of the Walt Disney Studios]

The Walt Disney studios is part of the Walt Disney Company based in California. The Walt Disney Studios has created some awesome movies over the years which is affecting many people’s lives especially the young audience. Walt Disney Animation Studio is a unit of the Walt Disney Studios and create animated feature films which are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan and Frozen and many more.

nbc Universal [Owner of Universal Studios]

NBC Universal or Universal Studios is one of Hollywood big six movie studios. They have created hits in both animation and film and are clearly one of the best for a reason. They have had numerous success one of their biggest being the Jurassic Park series. They also were the master behind ET, which is still considered one of the greatest movies and gave Steven Spielberg his start.

There are of course so many other studios not only in the United States but all around the world, that produce fantastic movies for our entertainment and they aren’t stopping any time soon. We all know how much we love watching movies and how much they have become a part of our lives, so we owe a huge debt of gradated to these companies and their hard workers that make it all possible for us to have the many films and forms of entertainment that we enjoy so much.