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Three Greatest Silent Movies of All Times

It doesn’t matter if you are a freak for the cinema or a silent film critic, they are silent movies that you can’t just stop watching when you lay eyes on the first scene. We bring to you three of the greatest silent movies that have graced cinemas and made a serious mark in the movie industry. Whatever is your favourite genre of movie, either romance or comedy to historical or horror epics, you will find these movies very captivating and is bound to have a good time watching them. Sometimes why are careful when choosing a movie because it might end up not filling our high expectation, but these movies will surely give you good value for your time.

Modern Times

Modern times is one movie that actually raised a lot of dust upon its release. The movie made by Charlie Chaplin in 1936 has been torn in the debate whether it is a silent movie or not, but for most movie lovers, they prefer it a silent film. In the movie, Chaplin tries to x-ray the life of his little tramp character who is faced with the challenges of getting and keeping a job in an industry.

Chaplin made this movie to greatly criticize the ravaging modern industrialization with funny scenes of tramp being stuck inside a machine and was even fed forcibly by a machine to prove that machines are more efficient. The movie can be best described as a commentary which describes the horrors of great depression. The movies also have a love interest, well played by Paulette Goddard as a starving girl that was arrested for stealing bread. The movie is a comedy that is funny enough to make even a non-silent film fan laugh despite the dark horrors of tramp at the industries. You will love this movie once you get started with it.


If you are a lover of science fiction, then you should see metropolis. Metropolis, a film by Fritz Lang is great admired all over the world and even considered as the first feature-length science fiction ever made. It is also considered the most expensive film to be made until its release. The movie portrays an impressive futuristic city with strong distinction between the upper and lower class. The movie took place at the city of Metropolis, a paradise that is ruled by the wealthy.

While the city is ruled and controlled by the high and mighty, workers from the lower-class toil endlessly in an unbearable work condition underneath the city to provide the city with adequate energy. The son of the evil ruler Freder, unfortunately falls in love with Maria, a member of the lower class. In one of their love bouts, he follows her under the tunnel to the horrible work condition where she labours and witnessed the death of several workers due to exploding machineries. Freder now vows to save Maria by fighting for justice to the workers. The movie is heavily laced with sci-fi sets and imagery.


This is one of the first horror and vampire film ever to be made. This 1922 film by F. W. Murnau was supposed to feature as Bram stocker’s Dracula but the filmmaker failed to get the right to the novel, and the plot was changed. It still remained one of the terrifying movies of all time displaying the German expressionism and the famous Max Shrek’s take on vampire count orlok. The movie is a perfect Halloween film which proves the point that the scariest movies must not depend on expensive special effects plus loud soundtrack to put terror into the hearts of the viewers. So, brace yourself before you get on with Nosferatu.