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Why is Spider-man so Popular and Why They Keep Making His Movies?

Superheroes are an unlimited source of fun and entertainment for many children, young people, and adults. But it is during our childhood that we first came into contact with these superhumans, and although fandom for superheroes grows every day, there is one that is loved by almost everyone: The Amazing Spider-Man.

If we look at the ‘Silver Era’ superheroes’ pantheon, Spider-Man is the one who has received the smallest share of attention (his films are not the highest grossing) but this has not diminished the web crawler’s popularity. He keeps a constant fan base bigger than heroes like Batman, Superman or Iron-Man who suffer the ups and downs of the premieres of films, TV shows, and new comics.

Who is Peter Parker?

Peter Parker was a high school nerd-outcast with almost no friends, with a crush on the most unreachable girl in his school, living with his elderly aunt and uncle, because of the death/disappearance of his parents. A very smart boy with big glasses from Queens. Your average Joe.

This representation of the underdog is something we all can relate to, feel identified with and like. Then, he gets bitten by a radioactive spider giving him powers, what would you do? Exactly, the same thing good ‘Ol Peter did, have fun, until he’s reminded life isn’t so easy, by taking the life of his father figure, due to his responsibility.

It seems like the universe conspires to kick Peter in the guts every time he seems to catch a break; things like losing a job, not being able to perform well in school, being dumped by chicks is something we can also relate to, and then, the wonder of the imaginary world appears.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Now, Spider-Man is everything Peter can’t be, he’s strong, flexible, agile, a full-scale athlete of superhuman strength and dexterity, with his other powers ready to save the day. Peter is lost to this being that is able to perform his best no matter what, keeping his good humor while joking around supervillains. Many have said that his “joking” is another one of his powers.

Telling a villain like Doc Octopus (who has 4 additional metal arms) if needs “a hand” is a way in which Spider-Man fights him, making him angry, getting him to make mistakes, lowering his guard, and then BANG! A sucker punch right in the jaws, but we’ll talk about his enemies later.

Another great aspect of the webhead is his costume, the red-blue combo is amazing, with the web lines across his body and his eyes, those eyes that are his major trademark, a trademark so well-known, that other superheroes like Deadpool get confused with our hero.

The Bad Guys

A hero is as cool as his villains, and boy, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has a stunning amount of bad guys to deal with, he has, over ONE HUNDRED foes, beating even The Batman, who, in the DC Universe has the biggest list of supervillains, most of these Spidey foes are one-shot villains that never see the light again, others remain as Spider-Man foes and many others, go into other franchises.